Self-Care Rituals

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Meet Stephanie Price, the talent behind Communiqué & Co: a boutique creative studio specialising in the wellness, beauty and lifestyle space. Recently, we got to know this Sydney-based beauty a little bit better and discovered what self-care and self-love means to her.

To start, tell us about your morning routine and how you set yourself up for a successful and productive day.

My mornings are sacred for me, and I use them to really set myself up for the day.  Generally, this means a morning hot vinyasa class, followed by an almond latte from my favourite café. Then, once I’m home I will light some sage or incense to clear my space and set an intention for the day.

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I prioritise eating well, so will always make myself something nutritious for breakfast; current favourites are a bowl of simmered oats with berries or poached eggs.

Once I move into the office, I will write a list of what I need to get done for that day. As a freelancer, you’re often juggling multiple projects and deadlines at once, so writing things down helps me from getting overwhelmed.

How do you stay creative and connected to your work?

This is something I’m learning every day.  So much of my work involves my own creative expression and I’ve learnt that this supply of creative energy is not necessarily unlimited. I definitely feel more connected to my work when I’m in flow in life. For me, this means taking time for myself to practice yoga, connect with nature, cook nourishing foods and really look after myself at a soul level.

Often ideas for my work and clients will come to me when I’m taking a moment away from the screen to be inspired by nature, walking around a beautiful store or listening to a good podcast.

What routines or modalities do you utilise to get through stressful times?

Yoga and meditation are definitely up there for me in order to move through stress and feel as though I’m still connected to my essence. I love a really long soak in the bath with some essential oils and Epsom salts, I find water so healing and often love to listen to a meditation while I’m soaking away.

I’m really lucky to work with so many beautiful people in the health & wellness space, so I’ll often book myself in for a session with a chiropractor, massage therapist or yin yoga class to help alleviate some of the stress and tension in my body.

Do you have any go-to remedies to help you feel more calm and relaxed throughout the day?

Managing multiple clients and projects can so easily be overwhelming, especially as someone who wants to keep everyone happy. Throughout the day I love to take breaks often and go outside to connect with nature, whether it’s just to feel my feet on the grass or look up at the clouds, I find this helps me feel grounded and calm. I also love to sip on herbal tea and have incense sticks burning or essential oils in my diffuser.

Where do you find inspiration in work and in life?

I find inspiration in the natural world. Mother Nature has created so much beauty and abundance, and I’m truly in awe of her. I’m also constantly inspired by my beautiful clients. They are all so connected to their work and I’m so grateful to be able to hold space for them.

What is your favourite self-care meal?

Right now I’m loving a really nourishing slow-cooked meal or soup that’s easy on the digestive system and packed with lots of locally-sourced produce.

Finally, can you tell us what self-care and self-love mean to you?

Self-care and self-love are constantly evolving for me, and so they should. Right now, this means a dedicated yoga practice; quality time with my fiancé, family and friends; enjoying life’s simple pleasures like cooking, reading and being in nature; and creating work that I can be proud of.

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