A note from our founder

It starts with you.

My personal growth is the inspiration behind The Aruem. Through my experiences I have arrived at the belief that true beauty starts with being kind to yourself. 

I believe that in order to show up and truly help others, you need to forgive yourself first and grow from what caused you pain in the past. This grounds my vision for The Aruem, and my wish is to empower others through this brand.

My journey of self-acceptance has been a long one.

embrace all that is you founding concept of the aruem

In the past, I struggled deeply with body image, and after 14 long years of trying, and failing, and trying again I was finally able to release the hold of an eating disorder. The final closing of this chapter was prompted by the opening of another: motherhood. I wanted to be the best mother as I could be for my child, and it was this desire that gave me the understanding that I need to learn how to love myself. 

I began to seek out wellness practices and through numerous paths, I discovered that being kind to your body is a holistic endeavour. It starts with a positive mindset and extends to all aspects of your lifestyle—from how you move your body, to the food you eat, and the products you put on your skin.

Even today, I still have moments when I don’t feel the best about my body or my stretch marks (thanks to two healthy, big babies), among a million other mindset-related things. But what takes me out of these moments is seeking words of affirmation and other wellness practices to keep me grounded.

My wish is for our products to take on this quality for you, and enable you to connect with your true potential.

I hope The Aruem can serve as a continuous reminder to embrace your imperfections, to fully accept yourself as you were designed, so that you may—in turn—inspire others to do the same.

Much love,
Clara xx

self love wellness journey eating disorder recovery 
 "If I can make a difference in one person's life,
then that's success for me."
- Sasha Asevedo

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