The story behind the name

aruem [ ah-room ] • (noun) a fragrant heart 

self love imperfectly perfect affirmations

The Aruem is a blend of two significant ideas—the Indonesian word Harummeaning beautiful fragrance, and the Japanese word Arumi, meaning kindness. Each carries special ties to our founder, Clara's, background and self-love journey. Blended together, the two words became Aruem, meaning a fragrant heart.

Her vision through bringing these two words together was to emphasize the importance of being kind and to encourage others to find beauty in its purest form, which begins from within. 

Because a kind heart has a beautiful fragranceregardless of race, age or appearance. 

Read our founder's letter here.

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Our debut collection of sustainable, botanical perfumes serve as a gentle invitation to look within - a daily mindful ritual. Each perfume is intentionally designed to encourage a moment to pause and reflect, even on your busiest days. 

It is our belief that when you learn to honour yourself first, it allows space in your heart to find ways to bless and inspire others. We believe this is what true, all-encompassing beauty means.

Our formulas have nothing to hide—made from cruelty-free, vegan, premium-quality natural ingredients. It is our mission to honour your body, so we never compromise on the quality of our products. 

We wish to celebrate your authentic beauty and your unique imperfections. It is our hope that in The Aruem you will find tools that help you see the beauty within you, and find the confidence to make your mark in the world.  

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