Our Commitments

Sustainability & Charity

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The drive behind everything we do at The Aruem lies at the heart of the "it starts with you" mindset. Just as how you don't need to be successful or influential to be kind and help other people, it is our belief that you don't have to wait until you grow into a multi-million-dollar business to start adopting sustainability practices. We believe that every business, regardless of size, should strive to reduce their carbon footprint as much they can. 

Here are some of the ways we endeavour to contribute towards a greener world:  

We strive to reduce landfill waste by carefully sourcing recyclable and compostable materials where possible. 

Harmful chemicals are released from rubbish piling in landfill sites, while habitat destruction and global warming are some the effects caused by deforestation. Choosing recyclable packaging helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste, and it reduces the need for raw materials. 

We use soy-based ink, which is a renewable resource, and water-activated paper packing tape on all our mailer boxes.

Compared to the traditional petroleum-based ink, soy ink is more environmentally friendly as it has low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which helps to reduce air pollution by minimising toxic emissions.  environmentally friendly mailer box water activated paper packing tape 

Soy ink is a helpful component in paper recycling as it can be removed more easily than regular ink from paper during the de-inking process. This allows the recycled paper to have less damage to its paper fibers and have a brighter appearance. 

Our reusable frosted glass bottles are housed in premium eco-luxe paper boxes which are 100% recyclable.
In addition, we also use paper-based protective wrap to cushion the delicate glass bottles during shipment as an alternative to the traditional plastic bubble wrap.
Our biodegradable mailer bags and stickers are made from plant-based materials, which will decompose after a period of time. Throw these along with the tissue paper into your compost bin at home, fill with your food scraps and leave to break down over time.

We source our custom tissue paper, stickers and mailer bags exclusively from No Issue, which has enabled us to join their Eco-Packaging Alliance initiative.

Being a part of the Eco-Packaging Alliance program means that with every order purchased from The Aruem, trees are planted in areas throughout the world that are suffering from serious deforestation, such as Guatemala, Indonesia, and Haiti, amongst others. 

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All our self-care products are thoughtfully presented in recyclable boxes, ensuring an aesthetically-pleasing unboxing experience while still maintaining our environmental responsibility.

Giving back to community

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Each month, 5% of our proceeds will be donated to a charity of our choice. We wish to support as many causes as possible during the year so the charities will vary from time to time. You are more than welcome to email us at hello@thearuem.com if you wish to know more about our philanthropic activities.

 We are blessed to be a blessing.


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